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    Creation of a Mailo Edu space

    The secure e-mail for children

    Mailo has set up the first e-mail service for schools.
    The goal is to teach pupils theory and practice about the Internet in general and e-mail in particular.
    Mailo Edu allows you to create a full mail system for your school.
    Within each class, the teachers can make the pupils discover e-mail in a recreational, educational and secure environment.
    Child security
    • Pupils can only exchange e-mails with each other, with their teachers and with validated contacts in their address books.
    • When a pupil adds a contact to their address book, the teacher receives a validation request.
    • The messages sent to a pupil from other addresses are automatically redirected to the teacher.
    No other mail system offers such a service to children.
    This service is open to all: you can use it even if you do not have a Mailo address yourself.
    Your school
    Your e-mail address
    You will oversee the Mailo addresses of your pupils from your current e-mail address.
    Your e-mail address: