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Pro packs

Suitable for a professional use, the Pro packs provide up to 30 Mailo Premium accounts and offer more capacity and flexibility. The storage space (mail + Cloud) is mutualized and freely distributed between all the accounts.

Pack Premium accounts Mail&Cloud capacity Monthly price
Pro 5 pack 5 50 GB €3.33 excl. tax (€4 with tax)
Pro 10 pack 10 100 GB €10 excl. tax (€12 with tax)
Pro 15 pack 15 150 GB €15 excl. tax (€18 with tax)
Pro 20 pack 20 200 GB €20 excl. tax (€24 with tax)
Pro 30 pack 30 300 GB €30 excl. tax (€36 with tax)

These packs can be activated for 1 to 5 years.

You can change pack whenever you want and switch between the Family pack and any of the Pro packs. The expiration date of your pack will be recalculated automatically.