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Vade Secure partnership

Mailo and Vade Secure have established a partnership to make a high-quality antispam available to you.

This partnership aims to:

  • offer all Mailo users an accurate antispam that protects them against e-mail threats (spam, phishing, viruses)
  • provide a smart e-mails classification system
  • allow Mailo users to unsubscribe easily from newsletters they are not interested in
  • showcase the quality of the Vade Secure antispam and tools

The Vade Secure technology

Heuristic filter: it is the intelligent layer of filtering. The heuristic engine is based on many security layers such as antivirus, antispam, antiphishing to protect users against all threats and identify unwanted e-mails. This predictive filter is immediately active and is efficient even on small waves attacks.

Graymail classification: low priority e-mails (such as newsletters or notifications) can be sorted in distinct mail folders. That makes e-mails easier to manage, so that you won't miss important messages anymore.

Safe one-click unsubscription: you can unsubscribe from any low priority e-mail in one click. The unsubscription scenario is done in real time by our Cloud service, for a unique user experience.

About Vade Secure Technology

Protecting hundreds of millions of mailboxes in the world, Vade Secure Technology is the specialist of mail protection against spams of all kinds and of low priority e-mails classification. Besides the protection of the largest French and international ISPs, the publisher also protects thousands of small and large companies, as well as millions of freelancers and private individuals.

Before 2016, Vade Secure was named Vade Retro.

In 2013, Vade Retro became a member of the HexaTrust club, whose goal is to promote French expertise in cybersecurity and digital trust.

More information on the Vade Secure web site :