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    Mailo Junior account creation

    The secure e-mail for children

    With Mailo Junior, your children can have an e-mail address in a mail system suited to their age: educational, fun and 100% secure.
    Child security
    • Your child can exchange e-mails only with you and his/her validated address book's contacts.
    • When your child adds a contact to his/her address book, you automatically receive a validation request at your e-mail address.
    • Messages sent to your child from other addresses are automatically redirected to your e-mail address.
    No other mail system offers such a service to children.
    This service is open to all: you can use it even if you do not have a Mailo address yourself.
    Your child
    First name:
    Last name:
    Date of birth:
    Your child's e-mail address
    An e-mail address is composed of a personal login and a domain name.
    • Choose the login freely: from 3 to 40 alphanumeric and/or special characters (- . _ ' +).
    • Among the domain names proposed by Mailo, choose the one you prefer.
    E-mail adresses are case-insensitive.
    Your child's e-mail address: (from 3 to 40 characters)
    Your child's password:  (from 6 to 60 characters)
    Choice of interface
    Mailo proposes a suitable mail interface for each age.
    Choose the one which is appropriate for your child. You will have the possibility to change it later.
    Your e-mail address
    You will oversee the Mailo address of your child from your current e-mail address.
    Your e-mail address: