For associations

Mailo Pro is a professional mail solution suitable for small companies and associations.

Mail for your association

  • Your webmail can be customized with your logo, your colors and your access page.
  • Mailo Pro allows you to create for free as many accounts as you need for your association.
  • Each account benefits from all features of the Mailo accounts.
  • An internal directory is available.

Pro packs

Suitable for a professional use, the Pro packs provide up to 2000 Mailo Premium accounts and offer more capacity and flexibility. The storage space (mail + Cloud) is mutualized and freely distributed between all the accounts.

A domain name for your association

  • Purchase a domain name to customize your e-mail addresses.
  • Transfer on Mailo a domain name you have bought somewhere else.
  • Declare a domain name you already own to use it with the Mailo services.

A website for your association

  • Promote your association on the web and create your Internet showcase.
  • Design your website with the best available free tools.
  • Use the domain name purchased on Mailo Pro.

To create a free Mailo space

  • You must have a Mailo account.
  • In your Mailo account, select "Mailo spaces" in the menu.
  • Create a Mailo space.