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Every Mailo account has all the features listed in the table below.

Features Mailo Free Mailo Premium
Mailbox 1 GB 20 GB
up to 500 GB with the Premium+ packs
Exclusive domain names (, No Yes
Number of aliases 5 100
Attachments 25 MB 50 MB
Files sent as links 500 MB 1 GB
PGP encryption and signature Yes Yes
Antivirus and antispam Yes Yes
Registered e-mail Yes Yes
E-cards Yes Yes
Address book Yes Yes
Virtual disk 500 MB 5 GB
up to 500 GB with the Premium+ packs
Photo albums Yes
included in the virtual disk
included in the virtual disk
OnlyOffice office suite No Premium+ and Pro packs
Calendar Yes Yes
POP3 / POP3S access No Yes
IMAP4 / IMAP4S access Yes
except third-party collect
ActiveSync synchronization Yes Yes
CalDAV, CardDAV and WebDAV access Yes Yes
Transfer and collect of external accounts Yes Yes
Webmail without advertising No Yes
Customizable webmail graphics Yes Yes
Mobile app Yes Yes
Smartphone and tablet interfaces Yes Yes
SMS purchase and sending Yes Yes
Two-factor authentication Yes Yes
Application passwords Yes Yes
RSS feeds Yes Yes
Notes Yes Yes
Keyring Yes Yes
Bookmarks Yes Yes
Sticky notes Yes Yes
Filters and blocked senders Yes Yes
E-mail forwarding No Yes
Priority support No Yes
Account validity in case of inactivity 12 months For life

Each Mailo account has the following features:

  • A full mail system:
    • A free personal e-mail address
    • Choice of e-mail address in the following domain names:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    • HTTPS webmail
    • PGP encryption and signature
    • Interfaces for smartphones, tablets and WAP phones
    • Interfaces adapted for children
    • Customizable graphism
    • A 1 GB mailbox
    • Collect of external e-mail addresses
    • IMAP4 access
    • Personal signatures
    • Preregistered mail templates
    • Message search
    • HTML editor with smileys, wallpapers, images
    • Multilingual spell checker
    • Send files as links
    • Direct access to all received attachments
    • Incoming mail filters
    • Aliases for incoming and outgoing e-mails
    • SMS purchase and sending
    • Many more features
  • The sending of registered messages:
    • Sending secure message
    • Getting a certified read receipt
    • Possible message protection by a password
  • An address book:
    • Detailed contacts with a photo
    • Easily reachable favorite contacts
    • Groups of contacts to distribute messages
    • Import and export in CSV, LDIF and VCF formats
    • Synchronization
  • A virtual disk:
    • Storage of documents, files, photos...
    • Reachable on the webmail, by FTP and by WebDAV
    • Easy to send by e-mail as an attachment
  • Photo albums:
    • Slideshow
    • Sharing
  • A calendar:
    • Events
    • Tasks
    • Display by day, week, month or year
    • E-mail or SMS reminders
    • Import and export in VCAL format
    • Synchronization
  • Other tools:
    • Customizable home page
    • RSS feeds
    • Bookmarks
    • Sticky notes
    • Notes
    • Keyring

Mailo accounts remain valid without a time limit and are deleted only after extended inactivity.

For users looking for more options and storage space, Mailo proposes the Premium pack.