Every Mailo account has all the features listed in the table below.

FeaturesMailo FreeMailo Premium
Mailbox1 GB20 GB
up to 500 GB with the Premium+ packs
Exclusive domain names (mailo.uk, mailo.eu...)NoYes
Number of aliases5100
Attachments25 MB50 MB
Files sent as links500 MB1 GB
PGP encryption and signatureYesYes
Antivirus and antispamYesYes
Registered e-mailYesYes
Address bookYesYes
Virtual disk500 MB5 GB
up to 500 GB with the Premium+ packs
Photo albumsYes
included in the virtual disk
included in the virtual disk
OnlyOffice office suiteNoPremium+ and Pro packs
Sharing of documents, calendars and address booksYesYes
POP3 / POP3S accessNoYes
IMAP4 / IMAP4S accessYes
except third-party collect
ActiveSync synchronizationYesYes
CalDAV, CardDAV and WebDAV accessYesYes
Transfer and collect of external accountsYesYes
Webmail without advertisingNoYes
Customizable webmail graphicsYesYes
Mobile appYesYes
Smartphone interfaceYesYes
SMS purchase and sendingYesYes
Two-factor authenticationYesYes
Application passwordsYesYes
RSS feedsYesYes
Sticky notesYesYes
Filters and blocked sendersYesYes
E-mail forwardingNoYes
Priority supportNoYes
Account validity in case of inactivity12 monthsFor life

Each Mailo account has the following features:

  • A full mail system:
    • A free personal e-mail address
    • Choice of e-mail address in the following domain names:
    • HTTPS webmail
    • PGP encryption and signature
    • Interfaces for smartphones, tablets and WAP phones
    • Interfaces adapted for children
    • Customizable graphism
    • A 1 GB mailbox
    • Collect of external e-mail addresses
    • IMAP4 access
    • Personal signatures
    • Preregistered mail templates
    • Message search
    • HTML editor with smileys, wallpapers, images
    • Multilingual spell checker
    • Send files as links
    • Direct access to all received attachments
    • Incoming mail filters
    • Aliases for incoming and outgoing e-mails
    • SMS purchase and sending
    • Many more features
  • The sending of registered messages:
    • Sending secure message
    • Getting a certified read receipt
    • Possible message protection by a password
  • An address book:
    • Detailed contacts with a photo
    • Easily reachable favorite contacts
    • Groups of contacts to distribute messages
    • Import and export in CSV, LDIF and VCF formats
    • Synchronization
  • A virtual disk:
    • Storage of documents, files, photos...
    • Reachable on the webmail, by FTP and by WebDAV
    • Easy to send by e-mail as an attachment
  • Photo albums:
    • Slideshow
    • Sharing
  • A calendar:
    • Events
    • Tasks
    • Display by day, week, month or year
    • E-mail or SMS reminders
    • Import and export in VCAL format
    • Synchronization
  • Other tools:
    • Customizable home page
    • RSS feeds
    • Bookmarks
    • Sticky notes
    • Notes
    • Keyring

Mailo accounts remain valid without a time limit and are deleted only after extended inactivity.

For users looking for more options and storage space, Mailo proposes the Premium pack.