Mailo is 20 years old

  • 1998: Pascal Voyat and Philippe Lenoir launch Francemail, a French-language e-mail service reachable by Internet, Minitel and phone
  • 1999: The service is renamed Francemel
  • 1999: The Lagardère Group acquires Francemel and renames it NetCourrier
  • 2007: The founders, through the company Mail Object, buy back NetCourrier from the Lagardère Group
  • 2008: NetCourrier opens a Web2.0 webmail based on the MailObject® technology
  • 2009: Opening of the international service NetCmail
  • 2010: NetCourrier innovates with NetCourrier Children and NetCourrier Family
  • 2010: NetCourrier proposes purchasing domain names
  • 2011: NetCourrier provides web site hosting
  • 2011: NetCourrier launches interfaces suitable for smartphones and tablets
  • 2012: Net-C merges net-c.com, netcourrier.com, netcmail.com, netc.eu, netc.fr, francemel.fr as well as other domain names
  • 2012: Net-C creates a Net-C Pro offer for small companies
  • 2013: Net-C proposes Cloud packs up to 500 GB
  • 2013: The virtual disk and photo albums on Net-C can be shared
  • 2014: Net-C provides all users with a high-quality antispam and a innovative system of e-mail classification
  • 2015: Net-C aggregates the mail services lavache.com, perso.be, emailasso.net, inmano.com, monemail.com, mongenie.com and brusseler.com
  • 2015: Net-C publishes an app for smartphones
  • 2016: Net-C launches mail services for schools and for municipalities
  • 2016: Net-C integrates the Qwant Internet search
  • 2016: With the integrated PGP support, Net-C makes it easy to encrypt and sign messages
  • 2017: Release of the Net-C Junior mobile app
  • 2018: Net-C introduces new security options with two-factor authentication and application passwords and provides agenda sharing
  • 2019: Net-C aggregates the mail service Mailoo.org
  • 2019: Net-C becomes Mailo and the interface evolves
  • 2020: Mailo launches Mailo Pro and integrates the OnlyOffice office suite
  • 2021: The www.bzh association launches the Breton mail service Postel.bzh with Mailo
  • 2021: Aliases++ are aliases which can be used without having been created beforehand
  • 2022: Mailo spaces simplify the creation, management and organization of Mailo accounts within a family, an association, a school or a company
  • 2022: Mailo aggregates the mail service Newmanity and, in partnership with the French ethical search engine Lilo, launches Mailo pour Lilo
  • 2023: Mailo expands their offer with videoconferencing (Rainbow technology by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise), an access under guardianship feature, and a migration tool for email services


  • Mailo claims its European identity in a largely American competitive environment
  • Mailo is the only fully independent French e-mail service for the general public
  • The Mailo mail system is comprehensive and adapted to all kinds of users and usages
  • Mailo is the only mail service providing 100% secure interfaces for children
  • Mailo provides e-mail addresses without any connotated association with a globalization giant
  • The Mailo Premium mailboxes are, for a symbolic price of 1 euro per month, the most comprehensive on the market


  • Mailo will keep innovating to offer everyone the best mail service
  • Mailo will keep listening to its users for a true closeness and an adaptation to their needs
  • Mailo will continue on its way, independently of the homogenization tending to impose the same worldwide services which some users do not want