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Each Mailo account is identified by a main e-mail address.

You can add aliases, which are alternate e-mail addresses:

  • All the messages received by the main e-mail address or by any of the aliases are stored in the same account.
  • You can select any of your aliases to send e-mails.

Warning! You can only use your main e-mail address to connect to your Mailo account on the webmail, with a mail client, or with an app.

If you want to change your main e-mail address, you can choose a new one among your aliases.

You may for instance use aliases in the following cases:

  • to use different e-mail addresses depending on your correspondents (family, friends, professional contacts...);
  • when you need a valid e-mail address but do not wish to give away your main address (for instance to validate your registration to a website);
  • if you have your own domain name, to use a customized e-mail address while keeping your Mailo address.

In order to prevent abuses, the number of aliases which can be created over a period of 30 days is limited.