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E-mail reception

The e-mail reception configuration can be reached by the E-mail reception item of the Options menu.

Antivirus and antispam

Mailo and Vade Secure have established a partnership to make a high-quality antispam available to you.

You can configure the antivirus and antispam systems to indicate how messages containing a virus and messages considered as spam should be handled.


In the Filters tab, you can define filters to handle the messages you receive as you wish. For instance, messages sent by specific senders or whose subject contains specific words can be placed automatically in a folder.

The list of your current filters is displayed and allows you to remove those which you do not need anymore. The Add a filter button allows you to define the criteria of a new filter and the actions to carry out (sort in a folder, transfer, send a notification, send an automatic reply...).

You can apply your current filters retroactively to the messages in a folder. These messages will undergo the tests defined by your filters as if they were just received, which can be useful when you have defined new filters.

Automatic reception

In the Automatic reception tab, you can configure the default actions which take place when you receive an e-mail. Automatic reception is used for all received e-mails except the ones matching a filter. For instance, you can configure an automatic transfer, notification or reply.

If you have not set any specific rules, the e-mails you receive are stored in your inbox.